Monday, 7 January 2013

O.O.T.D - Winter Warmers ♥

I thought i'd do a quick O.O.T.D since I'm back in college today after the Christmas break.
We all know it's cold out this time of the year so who doesn't like to wrap up warm and cosy?
Today I'm wearing nothing over the top and glamorous just the basics:

♥ Navy Quilted Jacket - £30 (Fashion Union)
♥ Zip Detail Jeggings - £16 (New Look) 
 Boys Blue Zip Hoodie - £12 (Primark)
 Bobble Hat Fingerless Gloves - £7.50 (Dorothy Perkins)
♥ Ugg Boots - £30 (River Island) (Again boots are out of stock, but these are the same just different colour!)


Sunday, 6 January 2013

I'm Back! + St. Moriz Self Tanner Review!

Hello beauties! 
I haven't posted for a couple months as I've been settling into college and revising for exams but I'm back for good! My exams are this week and I'm so nervous but fingers crossed everything goes well. I guess it's hard to get back into posting again but I will do my best.

So today I'm basically going to be talking about my personal views on the St.Moriz Self Tanning Mousse that I recently received as a gift.

Firstly, I have come up with a list of basic questions that I would like to know about the tanner if I was the one reading this.
1. What does it smell like? Is it strong? 
2. What does it feel like on the skin?
3. What is the packaging like?
4. Is it a good size?
5. Does it work as well as it is said to?
6. How durable is it?
7. Why do you like it?
8. Would you recommend this product?
9. Would you buy it again?

1. When i first smelt this tanner my first thought was that it is not like any other tanner I have ever used. I've heard a lot of beauty gurus say how it smells like biscuits and to some degree I would say the same.
2. I love this tanner for the way that it feels. It is so smooth and light on your skin when you apply it that once it's dried you can't tell that any of this product is on your skin. It also isn't sticky and tacky when it's dried so the wear-ability of this is amazing.
3. I wouldn't say that the packaging is nice as such, as it is mainly brown and quite boring, nothing compared to it's twin St. Tropez but it does have that simple look about it that many people are drawn to, like me.
4. I only ever use 200ML bottles as I find they last quite a while. With everyday use I would say you could get probably 3-4 weeks out of this, although I never use fake tan every day this is my estimate. Do tell me if I'm wrong!
5. This stuff works wonders on your skin BUT I have to stress that you MUST exfoliate before putting the tanner on, otherwise because it dries so quickly on your skin there is no time to blend it, therefore if you haven't exfoliated it will stick to dry patches very badly.
6. It lasts around 2-3 days with just one application although it does fade rather patchy if you don't use a top up tanner for it.
7. I like this tanner because it dries SUPER quickly and doesn't smudge or come off on clothing!
8. YES!
9. Definitely as it only costs around £3 a 200ML bottle.

Hope you like! xo

Saturday, 6 October 2012

O.O.T.D! <3

Hey guys, this is another outfit of the day :-)
I thought I would just so a quick outfit as I don't get the chance very often now with college and all that!

What I'm wearing:
Cluster Earrings - £2 (Sale)
Cream Cardi (River Island) - £25
Button Down Sleeveless Top (New Look) - £13
White Hi-Tops (River Island) - £30
Marvin Leopard Panel Hot Pants (Missguided) - £9.09
2 Pairs of tights to cover my bum too!

Hope you like! xo

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Preview of Glitter Nail Tutorial!

Hey beauties!
This is a nail design I have just completed and I fancied doing a tutorial but I forgot, so here is a sneak peak to what the tutorial will be about!
In this tutorial I have used:
GOSH Special Edition - 004 Neon Pink
Sally Hansen - Double Duty Strengthening Base & Top Coat
and some cheap purple glitter to sprinkle over the top!

I would love to know what you think about this as I am super interested in nail designs, so chat with me! ♥
Hope you like! x

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Everyday Makeup Routine!

Hey everyone! So the other day I set out to record my everyday makeup routine using my horrible camera and I think it turned out pretty well apart from the quality. But, today I decided to do something with it and upload it to YouTube, and also post it to you guys to see what you think!

It's finished, here you go!

Hope you like!